Small Business Health Insurance with a PEO
(Professional Employer Organizations)

Potential savings of 15% to 40% or more off your current small business health insurance plan.

Professional Employer Organizations ( PEO ) can save your business thousands of dollars per year in Human Resources costs. There are several money saving advantages to using a PEO to help manage your companies human resources.

    1. PEO's can lower the cost of your companies small business health insurance benefits by up to 40%, by grouping together hundreds and in some cases thousands of small businesses to offer large company benefits and premiums to small businesses with as few as 3 employees.
    2. PEO's will keep your business in compliance - this can save your business thousands or tens of thousands in government penalties.
    3. PEO's will process your payroll - this eliminates your current payroll company expense.
    4. PEO's will provide Human Resources expertise: How to discipline you employees, how to design a benefits package, COBRA administration etc..
    5. PEO's may be able to reduce your workers Comp costs.
    6. PEO's offer many large employer benefits to small businesses including: 401k, health insurance, dental insurance , vision insurance, FSA plans and more.
    7. PEO's will offer consolidated health insurance rates for all of your employees, no longer will the cost be by age or the amount of children enrolled.
    8. PEO's offer national coverage and benefits. Small businesses won't have to struggle for multi state plans for your employees.